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Waitlist Practice Needs A New Practitioner

Portland Acupuncture Practice For Sale
Acupuncture Practice For Sale
151k, 114k net. Current practitioner chooses to work only 3 days/week - Mon/Wed 10am-7pm and Thu 10am-5pm. Patients are on a waitlist, the practice overflowing. COVID has only made this clinic busier because patients need support and care. Very low overhead. Very easy to expand what's already been established and tended with love for the past 10 years. For a new practitioner or someone wishing to grow their current practice. Gain panel positions on 2 of the biggest insurance panels here in Portland that have been closed for over a decade to new practitioners. See Mt Hood from the treatment room windows. The space and practice truly a dream come true. Everything you need in a neighborhood right outside the door. Patients primed and waiting for you. Current practitioner, an acupuncturist for 17 years, ready and inspired to grow into other aspects of teaching and guiding others. Also, moving to the tropics. Financing available. Find out much more here:

E-mail : Click Here
State : Oregon
Country : USA
URL : Acupuncture Practice For Sale
Date : Monday September 21, 2020

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